Monday, February 25, 2008

Iceman Lottery Registration Anyone?

The Iceman Lottery Registration due date is tonight... well, actually 2am Tuesday morning since they post a 12midnight Pacific time cutoff. I got around to it early, not weeks or months ago when I could have, but rather at 7pm tonight -- hey, that's early for me.
The randomized computer drawing occurs in the next few days and notification happens on Friday 29th. At least in the Iceman process I won't have to conjure up yet another souped up story for the delights of Mr. Crandel and his Chequamegon Fat Tire. Maybe I should ask him sometime what's the record for the most times not being selected in his lottery. I'm going on three years straight of trying to wax the eloquence of the English language to amuse him in the Essay or Out deal he's got going on.
But I digress, it's about the Iceman, which for the good time it was last year (thanks in no small part to Scott Chapin for making it possible), still boggles my mind what I turnout they get for the race they have. It's in friggin' November!! Die hard cyclists and CX racers yes, I can see the attraction but alot of these folks that show up ain't all that diehard and if they heard of a cross race they'd think it was some crazy off shoot of the Worlds Strongest Man competitions. Yep, it's a long drive from most anyone from WI or MN but it well worth the drive for what they have going on. Complete your Triple Crown efforts in '08! Hope to get in and see you there!