Sunday, May 11, 2014

Biking aside….family news…

Been a pretty rough week  -- and I would do anything to say it’s because of training.  Unfortunately it’s not the case. 

My family experienced a terrible incident last Sat the 3rd.  One of the worst a parent or anyone for that matter ever wants to experience.  Prior to preparing for a family bike ride, our youngest (3 yr old Aaron Cooper)  fell into a pond when playing.  He was down for an undetermined period of time.  I jumped in & pulled him from the pond, he was unresponsive as I rushed him to the hospital 1 1/2 miles away. 

The ER team worked incredibly hard performing life saving measures and brought his heart beat back after about 35minutes and he was life flighted to Duluth, MN St. Mary’s Pediatric ICU. 

Its now a week later.  It’s been both the fastest & slowest 8 days of my life.  There has been so many ranges of emotions, from gripping fear to elation, even writing now the mind floods with trying to get my head around it. 

Besides the initial shock, there have been advances and setbacks that have been equally challenging.  It’s so surreal most days.

I shared something earlier in the week with friends & family to try & comprehend things for our little guy…..

 People may wonder what it is like?..... so I've pondered ways to share.  From the scientific to the spiritual.  But maybe a story is best...

Well, like any little boy might be, little Aaron is undoubtedly scared and he's still very deep in the woods.  But I like to think he's got a backpack on his journey, one that's full of love, hope, determination & prayers. The way home is found with a compass guided from the thoughts, energy of so many.  I'd like you all to know we believe every last one of you & your families help with that.

And the voices of prayer are those whispers he can hear in the wind blowing thru the trees for courage & strength & even a light hearted moment from time to time. (As he picks up a stick along the way to play imaginary games with... & believe me, we've seen him in the real woods, this is what he does :) )  He has some really big hills yet & logs across his path to climb over.

Whatever part of your day you have a moment to think, feel or express your love & support.  Do so.  Do it in how you care for others as well, love is an energy that radiates, that benefits everyone around & makes for a stronger draw for that little boy in the woods to keep moving forward...

In the days that have since passed, he traveled thru standard protocol of keeping the body temperature down for 48hrs, warming him up slowly but keeping him sedated while the major physical challenges relating to his cardiovascular system, lungs, heart & blood pressures where worked on. 

Those struggles have minimized and his breathing tube removed.  While it initially feels like a milestone, it’s only part of that journey.  The most nerve wracking is to see his status coming out of sedation.  What level of consciousness he regains.  It feels every bit as difficult & emotional as bringing him into that ER last Saturday. 

There’s has been an almost overwhelming support from so many people, well wishes, support & prayers.  We are nothing short of blessed for all that people have shown.  How to put it all into words is very difficult.

My wife, Kate has made it thru a birthday & a mother’s day this week and is somehow still standing thru it all.  I’d love to believe her strength will work to forward the steps Aaron makes. 

Those of you who have known of this and sent your prayers & thoughts, I can’t begin to tell you how supportive & connective it feels.   Our most heartfelt sincere thanks  go out to you.

Maybe the last thing I’d like to share is this -- & it’s what Kate & I wish onto all of you.  Take your moments and enjoy them all, hold them precious.  The support we’ve seen shows profound amounts of caring and love people are capable of.  Please, please don’t extend that to just the tragedies and challenges in life, but look for moments to express it in your everyday life with your family & friends.

Updates on Aaron’s condition we post on  If you’d like to read or stay in touch, you can search Aaron Swanson, the PW is aaroncd

Thank you again all so very much,

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