Saturday, June 23, 2012

What the Blog?

How time flies between entries sometime… 3 races since & no recaps, lot’s of interesting power data too.  Maybe in this week will the all elusive “Time” will reveal itself in plentitude & allow for some proper writing…

Let this suffice for some recap material for the moment… the Fantastic Four at the Keweenaw Chain Drive….

2012 Chain Drive 6-12 - a

Colby “The Thing” Lash, Justin “Mr. Fantastic” Weber, Kyle “Human Torch” Sarasin & ……me - The Invisible Woman – as I kept disappearing yo-yoing off the back most of the day.  (That’s what swapping bikes 29'” for 26” the two days before the race will get you.)

Too bad they didn’t get a picture of Kyle & his show-boating on the Aunt Flo’s jump.  The dude was catching some crazy air & kicking out his rear tire!!  Awesome stuff, if I could have only had on a Go Hero camera! 

Nice racing guys!!