Monday, April 29, 2013

Strada Sno-go… I mean Fango Spring Classic…

This past Sunday wasn’t about to missed the revised 2nd annual Strada Fango Spring Classic.  In tribute to what some cherish as the hard one day classic races done in the professional cycling early in the season (versus the “Tour” races that everybody hears about later on). 
It’s a race that goes out for a solid distance over “hard man” terrain.  Take 4-6 hrs to finish. 
In the popular culture of Europe it’s races done on semi-dirt roads & those with cobbles (yes, cobbles – bricks, that crappy road material – but hey, who am I to complain, I live in the midwest – asphalt has potholes).  Not those glossy races where a ton of guys are speeding along on smooth pavement.  Don’t get me wrong those are all good too.  I just like those races that require more toughness throughout & less drafting.  They are just plain awesome.
Noah Michaelsen served up a good course re-route this year as Mother Nature wasn’t going to take this race off the calendar… it’s go a honey badger – it don’t take no…, well if you haven’t seen that video you’ll know what I’m saying. 
Otherwise just check out the Strada Fango Spring Classic here.  No it did not have stone cobbles… but it served up 3 miles of “ice cobbles” to navigate on the “glacier” section.
Unknown to any of in the race, beside the race director that was gonna be the breaking point in the race,  18 miles in on a 68 mile course.   Whoever got thru & in what position would be in for a long day of solitude or with any luck help from a friend or foe.  Fortunately enough I got to be part of the action as those fireworks started. 
Re-cap on that in another day or two with the  shout outs & the story line…. stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Note to God…

Dear God,

I talked to my physician – Please don’t feel bad about this…. but even an All Knowing Deity after an eternity can suffer from premature memory loss.

Just a gentle nudge & reminder… that season they call “Spring”, warmer weather, no snow…. yeah, that one?  Your missing it.  Please begin implementation.  Thanks,

Most humbly,


PS – please forgive all those who took your name in vain with the snow shovels… they know not what they do.