Monday, July 14, 2014

Upcoming races…

Life’s been on a roller coaster since my last post.  Probably the reason for not getting in any posts since.  I keep thinking to myself… someday, someday….

In a nutshell, training is coming along, there were some low’s but last race at the Chippewa Valley Firecracks ( confirmed maybe, just maybe this change of routine is working.  More on that later….

On a personal note - Our 3yr old son, little Aaron, he’s made some amazing progress from his near drowning accident in May I last wrote about.  Situations like that should never let you look at any day of your life the same, no matter how back to normal things can get.  Both the accident and the recovery can be considered blessings as strange as that may sound for what they bring to your life.

It’s really profoundly changed some belief’s I’ve held. 

Now on the lighter side I’ve got all kinds of amusing little race stories and other cycling tales to share.  Hopefully all in good time and shortly.

And lastly if I can put in a shameless plug for a local races in the communities here……should any of you find yourself in the northern reaches of Wisconsin July 19th or July 26th.  Consider taking in Ashland’s own Mudrutters MTB race.

and Washburn own Brownstone Days MTB Race